Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Soy?

So, you've walked into a store, meandered through the aisles and finally come across a large display of a popular brand named candle. (Which will remain nameless)

You pop open all the lids and sniff each one carefully, as if you've just uncorked a bottle of vintage wine. (You know who you are!)

You tip the jar over to check out the price tag. ($22.00!) You kind of hesitate, until...out of the corner of your eye is a sign that reads, "10% off featured candle of the month" you grab the candle and walk quite excitedly up to the cashier and check out.

Later, you arrive home and immediately put your new candle to use. You've trimmed the wick and lit it up only to find that an hour or two later that the wax is burning unevenly and higher on one side of the jar. You figure maybe it will even out the more the candle is burned. And it doesn't.

Now what?? You've paid big money for this candle and yes, it smells great! But half of your money just went down the drain, because half the wax in the jar won't melt.

There is something better out there and it's called a soy wax candle. What those "famous named brand" candles are made out of isn't soy, but rather a petroleum based wax called paraffin.

You never have that problem with a soy candle. Soy candles burn evenly. No slopes. No waste.

Don't throw away your money. Buy a soy candle :)

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